Our history


The history of Clem & Co is closely linked to that of the family business, Ferme Clémentale Inc, since it was created very recently in 2019.

The family business has endured through the years since 1938. This has allowed 4 generations to live from their passion, agriculture.

By reading this text, you will see that from generation to generation, the desire to explore new challenges continues to grow.

Initially, the family land was acquired by Raymond Clément in 1938. At that time, the company had 3,500 laying hens, as well as 35 Holstein cows. She owned 21 acres of cultivation to grow potatoes, vegetables, raspberries and apples.

It was in 1969 that Robert Clément and Monique Clément, proudly called "Grandpa and Grandma", bought the farm from Raymond, Grandpa's father. The following year, they built a brand new chicken coop that could accommodate up to 12,000 laying hens. They even increased the production number of Holstein cows to 125 as well as the number of cultivation acres to 640 acres in order to produce corn, dry hay and alfalfa.

As a bonus, they built a sugar shack where family gatherings were held every Sunday.

It was Éric, Dominique and Frédéric Clément's turn to take over the family business in 1993, following a tragic accident. Robert was hit head-on by a car in Florida, which plunged him into a deep coma for 3 months. It was the turning point of their career. Overnight, they found themselves with the family business in their hands and wanted to make it work in order to honor the hard work of their parents.

They therefore took charge of this beautiful family business and led it to develop more and more, with the ardor of an entrepreneur in the belly. They made several expansion decisions at that time, with the new generation alongside them, David, Francis, Trystan, Amélie, Jennifer, Kim, Yannick and Amanda Clément, who had the desire for entrepreneurship.

So we bought more and more land until we finally got 900 cultivable acres. Then came the day of the construction of a hen house, a flour mill, a free-range hen house, a soybean meal processing plant, a drying plan grain stores and even luxury apartment blocks in the north of Sherbrooke.

2019, A NEW ERA

In 2019, the idea of ​​developing indoor vegetable greenhouses was born. Going in search of equipment, we were charmed by the aeroponic mode of production. During the project, the opportunity to move into cannabis cultivation arose. So we decided to embark on this extraordinary project.

Although our knowledge was limited on the type of crop as well as the cultivar, we were up for the challenge.

We worked for two and a half years in order to fully understand and control our type of culture, aeroponics. During this period, we also took the time to test several genetics and settled on one that was considered balanced (1:1).

Two years ago, people were all focused on high THC cultivars, while we took a tangent to a swing. We were very interested in the balanced side, since its potential is infinite both recreationally and therapeutically.

Today, here we are, proud to say that we have taken up the challenge.

Clem & Co